Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wrapping presents here in Texas with "Little Saint Nick" serenading from the iPod, which made me think about the blog, which made me think about the Tiger Cadillac/Buick thing (see FSOTD 55-A).  As it turns out, FSOTD prefers Cadillac because there just aren't enough songs to make a proper Buick playlist.  As a matter o' fact, in my collection, I could find only two: "From a Buick 6" by Bob Dylan and "Buick '59" by Vernon Green & The Medallions.  Quite a distant second to the 17 tunes listed in FSOTD #54-D.  I blame it all on Tiger.  You should too.

So all this correctifying and stuff has me in the mood for another Pop Quiz!  Hark: A cheer ripples thru blogland.  It'll be posted up right soon.  The category: Beach Boys. 


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