Friday, December 11, 2009

FSOTD #54/Eye Of The Tiger (1982)

IT HURTS ME, TOO         It hurts to lose a hero.   More than once I've described Tiger Woods as "messianic", something of a savior for all of sport.  Captain America for the 21st century.  Forever - from his "debut" on the Mike Douglas Show in 1978 until this year - Tiger has fulfilled all expectations, and then some.  Handsome, gracious, dominant.  Dominant like only Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.  Boom-a-yea!


WHAT NOW, MY LOVE?      So what does Tiger do now?    I don't blame him for you?  It's Humiliation 101.  And then some.  I agree with so many of the sports and news punditry that Tiger will respond with his craft,  creating a true opportunity for redemption.  And lucrative, too.

GERONIMO'S CADILLAC        Imagine if you were Cadillac...  Your spokesguy is an out-of-control womanizer who wildly crashed your product into a tree and (oh, please) a fire hydrant.   Here are the current details: on the ESPN crawl yesterday it noted there were no Tiger ads now on TV.  At the grocery store, Tiger is on the cover of all tabloids. And on Jay Leno tonight, Tiger was the brunt of at least five jokes.  Last night on Letterman? The Top 10 Tiger texts.   Yikes!

EYE OF THE TIGER         Today's FSOTD...  The song - "Eye Of The Tiger".   The band - Survivor.   The year - 1982.  The album - Eye Of The Tiger.   The movie?  Rocky III.   The story... Sylvester Stallone had heard Survivor's "Poor Man's Son" and asked them to write a similar song for the film.  They did.  The movie hit theaters at the beginning of the summer of 1982, and by the end of July, the song had become a worldwide smash hit, reaching #1 on the American, UK, Australian and Irish pop charts...a double-platinum single (over 4 million US sales).  A Grammy winner and Academy Award nominee.  #21 on Billboard's list of 100 Greatest Rock Songs of All time.  Wow. 

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