Monday, October 26, 2009

FSOTD #46/Good Vibrations (1991)

Marky Mark.   Mark Wahlberg.  Who knew?  Well, at least a few pop prescients and pre-pubescents did.   With his Funky Bunch, Marky Mark had a #1 hit in 1991 with "Good Vibrations".   That's #1 in the US, Switzerland and Sweden.  Truly funky.  IMO, it makes a good fit on any weekend party playlist.  It's pretty good on Thursdays, too.  It also dovetails nicely with the recent "dual song" discussion. "Good Vibrations" must be the only song title gracing two distinct chart-topping songs.  Not just hits, #1 hits.  The Beach Boys' version was released in 1966, their third and final US #1.  OK...quick now...the two images in this post: which is Mark Wahlberg and which is Brian Wilson?

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