Friday, October 30, 2009

FSOTD #47/Heaven (2006)

I first found out about Bitter:Sweet in Heaven.  I mean the playlist Heaven.  Ya know...FSOTD #46-A.  Actually, I guess I really found out about them in iTunes, while searching for songs to fill out the list.  When I decided to post the playlist, I had only 12 different Heavens existing in my collection, which oddly sounds a little like string theory.  Anyway, 5 more tunes got the list to 1.2 hours, the requisite timing for any and all FSOTD playlists. Of those five, Bitter:Sweet's "Heaven" was by far the pick of the litter.
A treat for me.  For you too, I hope.

Briefly, Bitter:Sweet is quite the stylish and successful male-female duo out of Los Angeles, combining the talents of Kiran Shahani (he produces) and Shana Halligan (she sings).  The wiki article calls them "an electronic trip-hip duo with jazz-like qualities".  I just love that description.   On my first listen, I was calling it Brazilian chill music.  Repression, recession - it's all the same thing.  However you tag "Heaven", it's a great sound.  It makes me want to hear more of their stuff.

Also from their wiki , the duo has been going great guns in the TV and movie music segment: The Devil Wears Prada, Duplicity, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville and many others.   They have put out three albums starting with The Mating Game from 2006.  This album includes today's FSOTD "Heaven" and was named Pop/Rock Album of the Year at the 6th annual Independent Music Awards in early 2007.  So far, much more sweet than bitter for these LA trip-hoppers.

Finally, a wee bit 'bout their band name...  Bitter:Sweet is a fine name, but that "colon" styling wreaks some havoc when searching and entering.  Had they wanted, IMO, they could have used the very natural name-blend Shahana.   It has a jazz-chill sort of feel to it, I think. On the other hand, perhaps it's a little too close to Sha Na Na.

Here's their official site:

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