Monday, November 2, 2009

FSOTD #48/I Do My Father's Drugs (2008)

What used to be "I drink my pa's moonshine" has apparently become "I Do My Father's Drugs".  Daddy shoots H, mama does downers, me and little brother join right in...aah, them old poppy fields back home.  A family affair.  Buffy and Jodie.  Cissy! which one OD'd?  And why did they call the well-dressed fat guy with the beard who oversaw three kids Mr. French?   Probably 'cuz it was his name.  It sounded just fine at the time.  All us kids bought it, anyway.  Sebastian Cabot.

So how do rumors go haywire?  To wit: A few years back, I heard that Sebastian Cabot was a notorious dope fiend back in the 60's.  A survivor of the "Naked Lunch" crowd.   Apparently, he supplied all those kids with their smack.   On the set, supposedly, they kept their stash inside of Mrs. Beazley.  Remember how Buffy always had that doll close by (see above)?  MacKenzie and John Phillips were customers.  It's a fact.  John Coltrane.  Even John Lennon.  Apparently, Cabot is the inspiration for Henry the Horse of "Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite" fame.   True, all true.  In his later years, we didn't see much of Cabot. He had lost quite bit of weight and his teeth were rotted and falling out.   His last known stage role was a haunting turn as Fagen, in an early-80's revival of Oliver Twist.  Very little makeup was needed.  Even his longtime pal Brian Keith finally abandoned him after the third morals conviction.  A sad end to a man once loved and trusted by an entire generation of English-speaking children.   Alrightee...there ya have it.  Rumors Run Wild, vol. 1.  Pass it on.

Now, stepping back from the abyss of digression (and drivel), "I Do My Fathers's Drugs" by Chicago's Joe Pug is today's FSOTD.  It's from his 2008 EP "Nation of Heat".   He plans to release a full length CD in 2010.  We hope so.  It's a righteous sound from Joe Pugliese, a slow train comin'.

Joe Pug came to the attention of FSOTD thru another blogspot blog.  Taken from An Echo, 10-30: "if you close your eyes you think you are hearing Dylan from the late 60's (actually he never sounded like this, it's just the Dylan of our subconscious)" .  The Dylan of our subconscious.  Now that's something to blog about.  So we will: Joe Pug does sound something like Bob Dylan.  Quite a bit, actually.  In all the right ways.   So far, so good Joe.  Many happy returns.  And big FSOTD thanks to An Echo.  JP truly speaks to the Bob Dylan of our subconscious.

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