Friday, November 6, 2009

FSOTD #49/Beds Are Burning (1987)

Today's FSOTD takes us back to FSOTD #29.  I woke up that day with a tune in my head that I described thusly: "All I could hear was a partial melody with a multitude of voices singing some sort of chorus.  Perhaps a power ballad from a metal/hair band, circa 1985-1990".

Somewhat right, somewhat not.  I heard the song on the radio yesterday and immediately knew it for the tune I couldn't identify two months back: "Beds Are Burning" by Australian sensation Midnight Oil, released in 1987.

While spot on for the year, the hair band idea goes wanting.  Ever seen Midnight Oil lead singer Peter Garrett?  I have, in concert, on a hot Dallas Summer's night...Midnight Oil was opening for Neil Young.  Don't remember much of anything really, certainly nothing of "Beds Are Burning", but they must have played it.  The song was 1987.  The show was early-mid 90's.  It's their biggest US hit, topping out at #6 US Mainstream, #17 Billboard Hot 100.   As a matter of cultural perspective, note that the album it came from - Deisels and Dust - was one of four consecutive Midnight Oil #1 albums in Australia.  An impressive feat in any country.

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