Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Inspired by recent females in the blog (Sally, Yvonne), here is the playlist "Chicks".  20 songs: All single word female first name song titles, clocking in at the FSOTD mandated 1.2 hours.  Perfect CD length!

Lorelei ~ Styx
Rapunzel ~ Dave Matthews Band
Wendy ~ Beach Boys
Virginia ~ The Marshall Tucker Band
Maxine ~ Donald Fagen
Julianne ~ Ben Folds Five
Gina ~ Blues Traveler
Maybelline ~ Johnny Rivers
Victoria ~ The Kinks
Maria ~ Animal Liberation Orchestra
Josie ~ Steely Dan
Isis ~ Bob Dylan
Gloria ~ Erasure
Cecilia ~ Simon & Garfunkel
Rosalita ~ Gomez
Carmelita ~ Linda Ronstadt
Juanita ~ Flying Burrito Brothers
Donna ~ Ritchie Valens
Jessica ~ Allman Brothers Band
Janine ~ David Bowie

Playlist notes: "Lorelei" is from the 1975 Styx Album Equinox.  It was their second Top-40 hit, peaking on the Billboard Hot 100 at #27.    Rosalita...many would've gone Springsteen with this name, but I chose Gomez.  Love Gomez.  Wednesday and Pugsley too.  And finally, Carmelita...sung by Linda Ronstadt, written by Warren Zevon.  Your author and Linda Ronstadt share a birthday.

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