Thursday, October 1, 2009

FSOTD #38/Heaven's Already Here (1993)

"The World I Know" could well be the world's best Collective Soul song.  I mean, I love the song, but what do you think?   I know two things for certain: "The World I Know" is not today's FSOTD, but it is the song on the FSOTD player.  About 10% of the "first song" searches come up empty through .  FSOTD #34, for instance. Today's FSOTD is also one of those (to my deep disappointment).  One day, I'll post a list of needed titles and seek help.  Until then, I'll substitute and be happy.
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One of my favorite band names of the last 20 years is Collective Soul.  I've never become a huge fan of the band, more from lack of effort than any conscious avoidance.  Yet as it turns out, I do have a favorite Collective Soul song.  It's from their debut Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, released in 1993.   The singles from the album were Shine, Breathe, and Wasting Time.  "Shine" was a Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock #1.  None of those three, however, are today's FSOTD.   The number I selected as Friday's Song Of The Day (see FSOTD #26 ) is "Heaven's Already Here".   Absolutely dig this tune.  Like the band's name, the song itself is a top ten-ish fave o' mine from the last two decades, a spunky acoustic rocker with soul-searching harmonies.  It runs through my head so often I'm surprised it had not made first song of the day by now.  But somehow, I feel that actually affirms the "first song" concept.

Whatever.  Back to the favorite band name thing.  Wikipedia reports band founder/leader Ed Roland saying this: He "was reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and came across the phrase "collection of souls". Although Rand actually uses the phrase in a negative connotation, using the "collective soul" as a threat to the main character's sense of individualism, Ed is quick to point out, "...we're not preaching Ayn Rand, objectivism, egoism, or anything...we just dug the name..." and "it [the band's name] could've come out of a Motorcycle Magazine."  Vroom.  All the better.

So how about so other great band monikers?  My man Rip offers up Joy Division.  Yes, Rip, IMO, that's a great band name.  Thanks.  I think Wilco is really fine.    Short and so full of allusion.  And let's not forget the local scene.  I get big cocktail mileage out of the name of local DFW cover band Petty Theft.  It's conversation currency, like having a really good joke at the ready.

Ever play the game "that would make a good name for a band"?  You either do or you don't.  I do.  I have for years.   A little later today, I'm going to add a comment to this post, which will include a couple of my recent favorites.  Yes, I keep a "band name" file.   ~ Yab


  1. Here they are...

    State Law (for a county/rock band)

    either Dustup or Justus

    Finger Prince

  2.'s a weird one that came up today, and to the best of my recollection, it's the first time I've ever come up with a possible rap/hop sort of name:

    Sir Plus

    (picture the plus-sign bling)

  3. Here's one that just came off of a PBS show on 21st century American art: Post-modern Drip

  4. Just got this true band name from Stark Online . . .
    The Raveonettes. Does the Buddy Holly estate get anything for this? A thank-you e-mail?

  5. As it turns out, The Raveonettes have six albums out, including a Christmas album. Oh, to be younger...