Friday, September 11, 2009

FSOTD #19/You Turn Me On I'm a Radio (1972)

For the second consecutive day, the first song of the day is from a woman named Roberta. What are the odds?! I mean, seriously, how many women do you know named Roberta? And as it turns out, both songs also became hits the same year. Whoa! Coincidence, or eerie similarity? You decide.

"You Turn Me On I'm a Radio" was a hit song from Roberta Joan Anderson in 1972. You probably remember her (as did I until Wiki) as Joni Mitchell. This was a single from the Canadian singer-musician-songwriter's 1972 album For The Roses, which was released between 1971's Blue and 1974's Court 'n Spark. A prolific producer throughout her career, this early 70's period was undoubtedly her most commercially successful stretch. "You Turn Me On..." charted highest in the U.K. at #7. It was a U.S. #25 and peaked at #10 in Australia. It's worth noting that, while Joni Mitchell achieved undeniable international success, a look at both her album and single chart positions suggests that she was most popular in The United Kingdom.
If FSOTD ever gets a Bob Dylan song (and I expect it will), I'll probably do the same for it as I do now for Joni's song - post some lyrics. Joni's a fine poet, among her many other talents.

Selected lyrics from "You Turn Me On I'm a Radio"...

And I'm sending you out
This signal here
I hope you can pick it up
Loud and clear
I know you don't like weak women
You get bored so quick
And you don't like strong women
'Cause they're hip to your tricks

It's been dirty for dirty
Down the line
But you know
I come when you whistle
When you're loving and kind

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