Monday, September 21, 2009

FSOTD #29/Round And Round (1984)

Another day of reckoning here at FSOTD.  This was bound to happen.  I woke up with a song in my head, and I didn't know its title, the artist or even any lyrics.  Ack.  All I could hear was a partial melody with a multitude of voices singing some sort of chorus.  Perhaps a power ballad from a metal/hair band, circa 1985-1990.    So please excuse your humble and deficient author while he searches his collection and iTunes to see if he can identify the song.   If not, a second tune came up this morning, and it will be designated a "featured" song of the day.
Well, that was a bust.  I can't even recall the melody now, although I know it's a song I've heard many times.  If I ever figger it out, I'll make it a featured song on FSOTD.  I think from now on, it's the first song of the day that I can remember and identify.  ~Yab

.   .   .   .   .
Alrightee then. The featured song of the day is "Round And Round" by Ratt.  The year was 1984: Ronald Reagan landslid into a second term, the Olympics came to Los Angeles, Van Halen released a great album, and Ratt (bless their heavy metal hearts) put out "Round And Round".  It's a top shelf banger song. It is undeniably the biggest hit of Ratt's long career, rising all the way up to #12 on Billboard's Hot 100.  Heck, VH1 ranks it #51 on their best of the '80s list and #61 on best hard rock songs of all time.  Holy titanium!    Generally, I'm not big on metal and hair bands, but this song works, especially when you're drinking.

So is it the metal or the lyrics?

Out on the streets, that's where we'll meet
You make the night, I always cross the line
Tightened our belts, abuse ourselves
Get in our way, we'll put you on your shelf
Another day, some other way
We're gonna go, but then we'll see you again
I've had enough, we've had enough
Cold in vain, she said

...and they call Bob Dylan the spokesman for a generation.

I came up with an idea that could possibly breathe some life into the flagging careers of two bands.  Dig've probably heard of another similar band from the same era/genre - Poison.  The two groups should go out on the road together.  It would be the Ratt Poison Tour.  Think of the merchandising possibilities.   It wouldn't surprise me if they actually did this sometime in the past, and I (sigh) just missed it.

Closing on a positive note, I learned from the Wiki article that the song itself has had a generous and interesting journey.  Milton Berle appeared briefly in the video (it was 1984) because his nephew was Ratt's manager at the time.  In a 1993 concert in Maryland, Metallica performed the tune.  Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei sang the song together in 2008's surprise movie hit The Wrestler.   It is featured in versions of Grand Theft Auto and Guitar Hero.   Someone is still making a handsome chunk o' change on "Round And Round."  And bully for them.  Royalties are a good thing.

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