Monday, September 14, 2009

FSOTD #22/Nobody But You (1971)

"Nobody But You" is a song from Sittin' In, the 1971 debut album from Loggins & Messina. An all-time rock classic, it's one of those albums I've owned in vinyl and CD and probably cassette. The Loggins & Messina Wikipedia page reveals this interesting bit about Sittin' In:

The two recorded a number of Loggins' compositions in Messina's home living room. When Columbia signed Loggins to a six-album contract (with the assistance of Messina), recording began in earnest for Loggins' debut album, with Messina as producer. Messina originally intended to lend his name to the Loggins project only to help introduce the unknown Loggins to Messina's well-established Buffalo Springfield and Poco audiences. But by the time the album was completed, Messina had contributed so much to the album - in terms of songwriting, arrangement, instrumentation, and vocals - that an "accidental" duo was born.

Allow me to gush a little bit about how much I enjoyed their concert in 2005. It was a well-conceived two-set show that covered most of their great songs (but not all; they have too many). Where I went into the show as, I guess, mostly a Kenny Loggins guy, I came out a Jim Messina groupie. Although he now looks more like Jim Belushi than the Jimmy Messina of my youthful memory, his talent was in no way diminished. His voice was in superb shape (Kenny's too), but it was Messina's acoustic and electric guitar playing, as well as some ripping mandolin work, that carried the show. Consistent with his position as record producer, it was clear he also fulfilled that role for the live act. The band was following his leads through a variety of songs and a wide range of instruments, faithfully re-creating their 70's sound while leaving room for the talented array of musicians to express themselves. It was a darn good show.

Saving the best for last, I also learned from Wiki that in May of this year, Loggins & Messina announced a late summer/fall 2009 tour. That means now. Indeed, I went to their website (tour dates), and they are a little more than a third of the way through a tour that continues into November, wending its way across America from east to west. No DFW show (dang), but there's a string of tasty California dates in mid-October. If they come your way, do yourself a favor and catch their show.

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