Saturday, September 19, 2009


First, a quick addendum to yesterday's FSOTD #26, "People Who Died".  Mostly out of respect, but also acknowledging a wisp of irony, I need to say a few words about Mary Travers, who died yesterday at age 72.  I was unaware of her passing when I wrote the Jim Carroll piece, otherwise I would have woven her into its fabric.   While it's easy enough to look back and "understand" the Beatles as the launching pad of all that is rock today, it is nearly as difficult to look back and explain how big Peter, Paul and Mary really were.  Rock was growing up; folk was winding down.  Peter, Paul and Mary were the last great gasp of the musical expression of the American folk movement in the 20th century.  They were gentle giants.  Simple melodies, beautiful harmonies and words so full of meaning.  It was a different time.  Mary Travers will be missed.

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Now, about that Beatles playlist.  In FSOTD #8, we took a look at the song "I'm A Loser".  It's a song that starts with pure vocals...a "cold" start.  Somehow, I got to thinking about it and realized that the Beatles have an uncommon number of songs that begin with vocals.   So I searched my Beatles collection and, without really trying hard, I came up with 22 songs that start with singing.  There may be more.  To me, it's fascinating in a "whatever" sort of way.

At just under an hour, here it is - "Cold Beatles - the playlist" . . .

I'm A Loser
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Hey Jude (at 3:59, the longest song on the list)
Cry Baby Cry
Mr. Moonlight (a Yabbadoodle favorite)
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
No Reply
When I Get Home
You're Gonna Lose That Girl ('nuther fave)
Penny Lane (meanwhile back...)
From Me To You
I'm Down
Nowhere Man
All My Loving
It Won't Be Long
Another Girl
Paperback Writer
Hello, Goodbye
Yellow Submarine

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