Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FSOTD #36/Dry Town (2007)

It's her music that makes me like Miranda Lambert, but her pictures are fairly fetching as well.  My brother saw the 25 year old Texan in concert earlier this year, and she won him over in less than 10 notes.  It was a rainy Kenny Chesney show just north of Dallas, and she was one of the opening acts.  Did I mention it was raining?  Big rain, mean clouds, loud thunder.  As people were trying to figure out whether to stay put or head for cover, Lambert comes out and opens with the Creedence song "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"...now that's entertainment. Consider the residual effect: I've heard my brother tell that story at least four times now, he was so impressed.  And now I'm repeating it.  She was definitely the highlight of an otherwise soggy day.  She finished her set, but Chesney called it quits after about six songs.   To his eternal credit, he came back within a few weeks and played a free show.  Now that's good business.

I never determined whether Miranda played today's FSOTD "Dry Town" at that show.  It's a winning little ditty, with a rhythm and wit so particular to country music.  How can you not like these lyrics:

Good hundred miles between me and Missoula
That vinyl top wasn't gettin' no cooler
I stopped at a quickie sack

I figured I'd need about a six of Miller
And one of them things so I wouldn't spill her

And I asked the girl if the beer was in the back 

While perusing the CD to check for the correct words, I noticed she didn't actually write the song.  David Rawlings and Gillian Welch did.  Kudos to them.  The CD is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Lambert did write or co-write 8 of the 11 tracks. It's a top-notch effort throughout.  Others would seem to agree: Rolling Stone ranked it #26 on their list of best 50 albums from 2007, and The Academy of Country Music named it their 2008 Album of The Year.



  1. You sure it was the music that won your brother over?

  2. Recalling his telling of the story, he did have a compliment or two for Ms. Lambert. Most guys do. I skipped the concert because I saw the storm approaching on radar; it was massive and mean-looking. I can only imagine the trepidation of being outside (add to that my warning calls I had left him via cell), so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Take my word for it, to guys twice their age, most 25 year blondes look good from 150 feet in the rain, but very few come out belting John Fogerty. ~Yab