Saturday, August 22, 2009


FSOTD - "first song of the day" - a blog built around the first song on a given day to catch in my head. However, today was set-up day and I don't remember what that song was. But I do remember a couple of tunes from "Inglourious Basterds," which I saw this afternoon. My grade for the flick: B+. The song I most remember: an instrumental of what I know as "The Green Leaves of Summer." It opens the film. I also know this song, in vocal form, from John Wayne's "The Alamo," a movie where the music (Dmitri Tiomkin) was better than the film, but the film was entertaining on a number of levels, if not exactly a critical success. "Basterds" is no "Pulp Fiction'" but entertaining to be sure. Brad Pitt has a gift for over-the-top dialect.

In the last hour, I found myself musing about "Surfin' USA," the 1963 Beach Boys' classic. Hurricane Bill has the Atlantic Seaboard surfing crowd buzzing, with once-a-decade swells. And they say that Bill will ultimately pass between Iceland and the UK, on its way above the Arctic Circle. Wow. For those who care, Surfin' USA topped out at 3 on the US charts, but only 34 in the UK. Alot less sex wax going on in the British Isles, I daresay.

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