Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FSOTD #4/Little Lies (1987)

1987 is part of a music blind spot for me. During the late 80's, I was doing more than my share of Grateful Dead, to the exclusion of other music, especially other rock music. Add that I'm more admirer than fan of Fleetwood Mac, and it is a wonder that I know anything of the song "Little Lies." But there I was, dreamily scratching/rubbing one of my dogs, when consciousness interrupted and I noticed the lyrics "tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies" rolling through my brain. Those are the only lyrics I know, and as it turns out, there aren't that many more. I was pretty sure it was Fleetwood Mac, sometime after 1984, but I thought the name of the song was "Sweet Little Lies."

Enter Wikipedia. God Bless Wikipedia, and all those who contribute. "Little Lies," the third single from the album "Tango In The Night." Reached #4 on Billboard's Hot 100, #5 in the UK, but it was a #1 Adult Contemporary hit. Ah, the golden age of American radio formats.

A couple of random Fleetwood Mac notes... While I think of Fleetwood Mac as an American band, Wikipedia rightly refers to them as a British/American band. My favorite Fleetwood Mac songs: "Hypnotized" and "Oh, Well." Finally - and this is something everybody should admire - Fleetwood Mac is one of the very few bands that could legitimately put together and tour with two completely different concerts. Unfortunately, very bands would ever go to the trouble and expense of doing that. Now, if ya wanna talk Grateful Dead...

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