Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FSOTD #5/Blues Away (1976)

First song of the day: "Blues Away" by the Jacksons, from the 1976 CBS album "The Jacksons." I own this in vinyl, but also just recently bought it through iTunes. Just last night I put "Blues Away" into a playlist, and that was certainly the root of its being FSOTD for August 26, 2009.

At first, I was gonna write about attending the concert in support of this album. Probably early 1977, I saw the Jacksons, front and center, at the Tarrant County Convention Center. That's Fort Worth. Great show. Wild Cherry opened. I was gonna dovetail that - somehow - to an opinion or two on the recent gay bar bashing in FW.* But then I went to Wikipedia, and oh, the goldmine of interesting info on this album and this tune in particular.

Receiving mixed reviews, "The Jacksons" was the first album the brothers J released on CBS. They broke away from Motown, all except Jermaine, who was replaced by youngest brother Randy (not Idol Randy). For the first time ever, they were allowed to write some of their own music, but the two singles were Gamble/Huff. "Enjoy Yourself" was the band's first top 10 song in over two years. FSOTD "Blues Away" - while not played on the radio - is particularly noteworthy as the first song ever written and published by Michael Jackson. Who knew? Not me. And ya know what else? This was their first album ever to be certified gold. Huh? Really? Apparently, Motown did not submit data to the RIAA until 1976. No wonder they left.

I love this album, more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

*IMO, that the whole FW bar thing stinks of macho cops out to "roust some fags". Bullies in uniform. On the Stonewall anniversary, no less! Jeez. I hope they get what they deserve.  Only time will tell.   JMO ~ Yab

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