Sunday, August 30, 2009

FSOTD #9/This Boy (1963)

Yesterday the Beatles, today the Beatles...Beatles forever? Just like FSOTD #8, first song of the day #9 (fittingly enough) is a Beatles song. Over the years (decades), different Beatles tunes have come and gone from my "current favorites" list. "This Boy" is one that has ascended in just the last two years. Now I admit, I like every Beatles song ever made. I like Revolution #9. I like all the Ringo songs. But currently, I love "This Boy." Somewhat in contrast to the self-doubt of yesterday's FSOTD "I'm A Loser," this is a John Lennon song with hope, expressing thoughts of love. Two strums to start, followed by a beautiful mid-tempo melody and lush harmonies. I just love it.

It was recorded in October of 1963, released in late November. In between, JFK was assassinated. There is something of an argument to be made that The Beatles helped pull America (the world?) out of the post assassination malaise/bewilderment/funk...insert your own noun. I won't try to make the argument, except to note that the band appeared twice on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 2-3 months following the shooting, and the rest is music history. As it turns out, "This Boy" was performed on the second Sullivan appearance, Feb 16. 1964.

One other of the smallest of curiosities about this song...while the title is "This Boy," the opening words are "that boy." It must be genius, just like everything else they did.

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