Monday, August 24, 2009

FSOTD #3/The Second Time Around (1979)

Bluegrass one day, disco the next...ah, the joys of the first song of the day. Today's entry is "The Second Time Around" by Shalamar. I didn't know it was by Shalamar, but I was pretty sure it wasn't in my collection. So, to iTunes I went. There were many songs named "second time around" - one by Sinatra and also a track from the Indigo Girls (whom I saw in Buffalo earlier this year). I didn't buy Frank, but I did purchase the Indigo's song.

As for Shalamar, I was given a choice of the original release or the 12" version. The meaning of 12" is a bit lost in the digital age, but what it came down to, of course, was the longer version or the shorter version. At 99 cents for either, I went for the 12 inch, clocking in at just over 7 minutes. The original was released in 1979, becoming a #1 hit in the US, and peaking at #8 in the UK. And something else I was delighted to learn is that the female vocalist in the band was Jody Watley, she of the 1987 hit - a song I really like - "Looking For A New Love."

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