Monday, August 24, 2009


After lunch, I was watching some TV news and up came a story about pregnancy and depression. The female focus of the story had suffered severe depression with her first child, but pregnant again, she is following a new strategy. As the reporter related in the last sentence of the story, she missed out on many of the wonders of the first year of life with her first child, but she is not going to let that happen "the second time around." Coincidence? I think so, but fun for me nonetheless.

And as long as I'm posting...the word "obsequious" came up at lunch. A word I know of, a word I can spell, but not a word I use. I even had trouble pronouncing it the first couple of times. It's an adjective, and I'll just give the first definition from Webster's: exhibiting ready and proper compliance to the will of another: prompt and dutiful in attendance on the wishes of one in authority. Obsequious.

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